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Our Mission

The Versailles Merchants Alliance, INC (VMA) is an organization championing business success through promotion, events, and community enrichment in Versailles, Kentucky. All activities shall be non-partisan and non-sectarin.

Upcoming Events

  • Taste of Woodford 
    Saturday, March 11th


Many of the Versailles Merchants Alliance events are possible through community support and volunteers.  If you would like to participate, send us a message! 

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A little about us..

Cooperative? Adjective: Requires mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.


This is a volunteer participation, volunteer officer, volunteer organizational group. We cannot and will not be successful without contribution and partnership from all collaborators or representatives.


What is a Business Cooperative? A group which utilizes marketing to benefit ‘members’ by helping them increase their margins, participates in marketing opportunities as a group so that rates can be ‘discounted’ through shared ‘member’ participation, and a platform to offer a voice for all involved with
equal consideration and equal benefit sharing.



Why Local? The VMA was formed over 40 years ago as a networking cooperative of downtown Versailles brick and mortar businesses. The mission was to ‘promote a positive business environment that contributes to economic vitality throughout the Versailles area.’

The VMA was able to uphold this mission through ongoing promotions of members through co-op marketing, advocating with local government for an enhanced business climate, representing members through community activities and working as a liaison with other business support organizations. Our current objective is to contribute to the marketing efforts and visibility of all involved collaborators. We want to Support Local and
encourage Shopping Local.



As a Business Cooperative and 501(c)(6), you may notice a few changes with the Alliance moving forward, but rest assured, the officers will continue to work diligently to increase the visibility of our Alliance and collaborators and to ensure that all participants are provided information in a timely manner through multiple communication outlets, given an equal opportunity to be involved and to have
a voice in decision making conversations and to seek benefit from cooperative efforts.


Furthermore, we are committed to honor the time and dedication of all previous Volunteer Officers and Members who have helped to establish, grow and evolve the Versailles Merchants Alliance into what it is today!

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